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MEI has released six FREE maths app games. They are all available on IoS and Android


Sumaze! is the original Sumaze! puzzle app.

Sumaze! has been downloaded over 23,000 times and covers topics such as logarithms and inequalities.

Extended versions of the puzzles featured in Sumaze! are available in Integral. More about Sumaze!

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Sumaze! 2

Sumaze! 2 covers topics including fractions, decimals and percentages.

More about Sumaze! 2

Sumaze! Adventure

Sumaze! Adventure is aimed at students aged 14+. Quest your way through quadratics, simultaneous equations, sequences, functions, factorials, and more.

Sumaze! Primary

Sumaze! Primary is aimed at 4-7 year old learners.

Sumaze! Primary was a winner of a Gem Award 2019, see Jo Morgan's Resourceaholic site.

Sumaze! Primary receives 5 star rating from the Education App Store, see the full review.

Sumaze! Adventure

Sumaze! Adventure is also new to the Sumaze! series and aimed at learners aged 14 and above.


Factris is a classic Tetris-style high score numeracy game based on factorising.

A Bundle of Graphs

A Bundle of Graphs - six mini-games about graphs (straight line, quadratics, position-time, velocity-time and frequency (to look at mean and median).