A level

MEI has been providing professional development for teachers throughout its 50 year history, from hour-long conference sessions focusing on particular aspects of the curriculum, to year-long courses, such as the Teaching A level Mathematics course, supporting teachers as they progress to teach a new area of mathematics.

In all its courses, MEI believes it is important to

  • promote mathematical thinking
  • present mathematics in an interconnected way
  • provide resources that promote mathematical learning
  • support teachers in embedding new ideas in their classrooms

In recent years extensive use has been made of online classrooms, allowing MEI to provide on-going support to teachers and mathematics departments.

MEI holds the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) CPD standard.

To discuss your department’s needs and the support MEI can offer related to post-16 mathematics, please email Sharon Tripconey to arrange a time for telephone conversation.

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