Free Resources

MEI has an extensive selection of resources and support materials that are available free of charge to teachers and students. Please follow the links below to view these.

Free resources on the Integral website

The following resources are free to download and use offline. Please note that, under copyright restrictions, Integral resources (whether free or paid for) may not be put onto your school or college’s website. The free resources are described below, with links to where you will find them on our website and on the Integral website.

Free resources available via guest access

  • FMSP legacy resources archive: The FMSP website offered a selection of resources including KS4 problem-solving resources, Post-16 problem-solving resources, Senior Team Mathematics Challenge past materials, GCSE and A level Enrichment and Extension resources, Real World mathematics, and resources for promoting mathematics.
  • 11-16 Free resources - to support your 11-16 students in extending and enriching their mathematical experience.
  • GCSE Problem Solving - problems to help students prepare for the problem solving assessment objectives of the GCSE in Mathematics.
  • GCSE Extension Materials: aimed at students who are working towards GCSE Mathematics and would benefit from exposure to mathematics beyond the GCSE specifications.
  • Integrating Mathematical Problem Solving (IMPS) resources: designed to help teachers of mathematics and teachers of other subjects at A level to teach relevant aspects of mathematics and statistics, showing how they are used in solving real problems.
  • Mathematics resources for Level 3 Engineering: sponsored by the RAE these extensive resources are based on real engineering applications connected to the mathematics syllabus.

Other free resources

To access some of these you will need to sign up for a free account or subscription.

  • The new AMSP Core Maths Platform in Integral. See AMSP registration for more details of how to access this, including how to obtain individual student and teacher accounts for the platform.

  • OCR Additional Maths resources can be subscribed to free of charge by centres, thanks to sponsorship from OCR.
  • Critical Maths resources - These resources are designed for post-16 students at level 3.  They will be especially useful for Core Maths classes.  The resources enable students to think about real problems using mathematics.  Many of the resources start by engaging the students in giving an initial opinion and then encourage them to think more deeply and to evaluate their initial thoughts.

Free resources on the MEI website

Our free resources are described below, with links to where you will find them on our website.

  • 2017 A level problem postcards - MEI has produced a set of postcard size problems, based on the principles of the new 2017 Mathematics A levels. They are also available in an A3 poster format.
  • Conference handouts - the MEI Conference workshops cover a wide variety of topics, ensuring that there is always something for everyone, regardless of specification. Sessions are led by experienced teachers, examiners, and subject experts from many areas of the mathematical world. Clicking on the links on the page to each year's conference will enable you to view and download and associated resources from sessions delivered at that year’s conference.
  • Curriculum - a wealth of background information, advice and guidance about MEI specifications and curriculum development, including information about curriculum change, support materials for MEI specifications, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • IET project resources - Three distinct types of maths resources produced by MEI with support from the IET, including: KS4 starter activities, A level mechanics videos and an App – 'A bundle of graphs'.
  • Inspiring learners - MEI runs competitions and other activities to inspire students to study more mathematics.
  • Maths Item of the Month - a maths problem or challenge, with solutions provided.
  • Monthly Maths - a topic-based resource produced to inspire and inform teachers and students. A dedicated teaching resource, related to that issue's theme, is included within the PDF newsletter and also in its original file format for teachers to download and use in the classroom.
  • Past Papers  - available from our website for AS/A Level. We also have a past-paper database for FSMQ Additional Mathematics and FSMQ Foundations of Advanced Mathematics (FAM). Exam advice is also available on our website.
  • STEP/AEA - examples of the materials used to support MEI’s real-time online tutorials and teaching sessions in STEP and AEA Mathematics.
  • Student Support Materials - pages containing information about GCSE Materials, Additional Mathematics, Foundations of Advanced Mathematics, and A level.
  • Teacher Support Materials - extensive materials, including advice and guidance, to support the teaching and learning of the OCR(MEI) modules and to support students in making a good transition from GCSE to A level Mathematics. Materials are available to support the teaching of Statistics, AQA L2 Further Maths, Additional Mathematics, and Extended projects, along with GCSE Starters and Extension materials and resources to support the teaching and learning of mathematics within engineering courses.
  • University Resources  - reports are available to support those working in Higher Education, including an overview of the content of A level Mathematics and a guide to understanding the UK mathematics curriculum pre-Higher Education.
  • Use of Technology - advice on the use of calculators, information about software, with supporting MEI resources and tasks for using specific software/graphical calculators, and tasks to support the use of ICT in AS/A level Maths. As a GeoGebra Institute we offer free teaching and professional development materials in using GeoGebra for A level and GCSE mathematics.

Free resources on YouTube

  • Videos - MEI’s YouTube channel offers a wide selection of videos, some designed to inspire students thinking about future careers, and teachers thinking about registering for the MEI conference. Others provide back-up for CPD courses; there are also guides to using the Integral resources, and other videos provide background information about curriculum issues, such as Realistic Mathematics Education.