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A full list of the MEI GeoGebra Tasks for GCSE and A level is available at mei.org.uk/geogebra-tasks.

Geogebra Institute of MEI

MEI is a GeoGebra Institute: www.geogebra.org/institute-mei. We support teachers and students through:

  • face-to-face and online workshops for teachers;
  • the design of free teaching and professional development materials for A level and GCSE Maths;
  • online support for GeoGebra users;
  • presentations at conferences.

This page contains information on:

Face-to-face and online workshops for teachers

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme runs Geogebra face-to-face GeoGebra courses. For more information about upcoming courses see: AMSP events pages.

The AMSP has also developed an on demand professional development course that teachers can work through at their own pace online: GeoGebra in the Maths classroom.

To discuss opportunities for GeoGebra training, including bespoke courses at your school/college, please contact MEI's Mathematics Technology Specialist.

Getting started with GeoGebra

MEI has produced a series of self-study guides designed for learning Geogebra:

We have also produced guide on Using GeoGebra for A level Further Mathematics.

How to guides

Classroom tasks

Student-centred activities that are compatible with the iPad/Android/Windows tablet app

These investigative tasks have been produced so they are easy to follow with the tablet app and don't need any prepared GeoGebra files. They are designed to encourage investigation and discussion. For more details on these tasks see: mei.org.uk/geogebra-tasks.


A level

Problem solving activities using GeoGebra

These problem solving activities are constructions that test students' understanding of connections between representations and reinforce generalisation

Further ideas for using Geogebra in GCSE/A level Maths

Press release:

The GeoGebra Institute of MEI: empowering students and teachers to learn and teach mathematics.

Contact details

For more information about the GeoGebra Institute of MEI contact MEI's Learning Technologies Specialist.

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