International Work

MEI works with schools, colleges, teachers and students overseas as well as in the UK. Some examples of our international work are outlined below, and we are open to exploring new ways of supporting mathematics education around the world.

Development and Consultancy

We have been involved in several international projects and developments, often in an advisory capacity. Examples include:

  • Supporting the Maths Connect project at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.
  • Our thinking about coursework in mathematics fed into the International Baccalaureate Organization’s development of a new model for internal assessment.
  • Providing external moderation of assessments for Bahrain Polytechnic.

"Thank you for your professional moderation report. I appreciate your work and I am working with my team to do the changes as you have requested to improve math courses."

Team Manager for Mathematics, Bahrain Polytechnic

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We offer a range of CPD courses, and are happy to explore the possibility of offering courses overseas. For example, MEI has provided training for teachers in Malta which focussed on developing schemes of work, lesson planning and collaboration, and including the use of ICT.
Our online professional development courses, run by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme, can be taken by people based in other countries. This is especially helpful for teachers who are teaching UK specifications or who intend to return to the UK in the near future. Please see the Events Page on the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme website. You can filter the calendar by Event Format to view Live Online Professional Development courses and On Demand Professional Development courses.


We provide support for STEP/AEA and MAT preparation for students. For more information please contact MEI's Online Resources Coordinator for Integral Online Resources.

Books and Resources

Several of our text books are used by international colleges and universities. Foundations of Advanced Mathematics is especially useful for entry level courses.

Our Integral Mathematics Resources can be accessed from other countries.


The MEI Annual Conference is an opportunity for teachers of mathematics to experience a wide range of professional development workshops and presentations. International teachers are welcome to attend.
We also contribute to international conferences such as ICME11 (International Congress on Mathematical Education). You may be interested to see examples of our papers on web-based learning.
Members of MEI’s Further Mathematics Support Programme team presented papers at the International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching (ICTMT) (International Congress on Mathematical Education). The papers were on "Using live online technology to engage mathematics teachers' in professional development" and "Using live online tutoring to provide access to higher level Mathematics for pre-university students" and can be accessed in the Conference Proceedings document.