Mission and Vision Statements

MEI's charitable purposes:

  • To advance the education of the public in the field of mathematics.
  • To promote links between education and industry in mathematics.

MEI Mission

MEI exists to improve education in mathematics.

To achieve this, MEI:

  • deploys innovative approaches
  • works in collaboration with others
  • uses its expertise to inform policy makers and stakeholders

MEI Vision

Make a real difference to people's lives by improving the quality of mathematics education and learning.

MEI Values

As an organisation we have strongly held values. These are that:

Mathematics education principles

  1. we believe that mathematics education should enable students to appreciate both the beauty and the utility of mathematics, and to enjoy learning it;

  2. we seek to promote mathematical thinking by presenting the connections within mathematics; by highlighting its applications across other areas, in a variety of contexts, and by providing resources that encourage deep mathematical learning;

  3. we support teachers' professional development by working to achieve an effective balance between subject knowledge and pedagogy, with a strong emphasis on supporting teachers to embed new ideas in their teaching and evaluate their impact;

  4. Partnerships and Respect

  5. we actively seek to work with others, including key stakeholders, to improve mathematics education;

  6. we work by influencing and persuading. We do not impose our views on anyone. We gather evidence and make a case;

  7. Equality of access

  8. we believe in equality of access. We work to achieve this in a variety of ways, including removing barriers to mathematics education;

  9. we work to ensure access to appropriate mathematics education relevant to the abilities and aspirations of all students;

  10. Quality and Innovation

  11. we strive to ensure that all aspects of our work are of the highest standard, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders or customers; and

  12. we work in innovative ways and design innovative materials and delivery methods.