STEP support

MEI provides real-time online tutorials (STEP Online) and teaching sessions for the STEP Mathematics examinations. Students can access live interactive tuition at a time and location to suit them through an online learning platform.

MEI provides guest access to STEP past paper worked solutions in Integral.

Online courses for students preparing for STEP Mathematics

Each STEP Online course consists of 10 fortnightly tutorials and will run from February 2022 through to June 2022.

Students will be given access to a set of online resources to accompany the tutorials. To get the most from the online tutorials students are strongly encouraged to look at these resources both before and after each session as directed by their tutor. Students will also have access to dedicated forums where they can get support between the online sessions.

STEP Tutorial 1 – Questions
STEP Tutorial 1 – Hints and Reading References
STEP Tutorial 1 - Solutions

STEP Course

Please note that the order of units may vary from that listed below.



Session 1

Dividing by zero

Session 2

Inequalities and proof by induction

Session 3

Systematic search or proof by exhaustion

Session 4

Necessary and sufficient conditions

Session 5

Reduction ad absurdum and irrational numbers

Session 6

Curve sketching

Session 7

General solutions of trigonometric equations

Session 8

Differential equations

Session 9


Session 10

Applied Mathematics (Mechanics and Statistics)

How to apply

Applications for STEP online are now closed. They will re-open in November 2021 for the February 2022 course.

The latest information on this course can be found on the AMSP website.

If you have any further queries about the course please contact AMSP admin.


The cost for the course is £160.00. This allows us to keep group sizes small and includes access to a range of additional resources to help students prepare for the STEP examinations.


There are two STEP Online course options for students:

  • STEP II for those who are applying for courses that only require one STEP paper e.g Mathematics at Warwick University
  • STEP II/III for those who are applying for Mathematics at Cambridge University

Please indicate which papers you will be sitting in the notes section on the application form.

All of our tutors are UK based and all of our sessions are delivered between 17.00 and 20.30 GMT/BST. Overseas students will need to make sure they will be able to attend during these times.

All of our tutorials are recorded and may be viewed until the end of the course.

How the tutorials are delivered

Communication between tutor and student happens via keyboard, via microphone and headset and through handwritten mathematics via a graphics tablet.

As well as doing straightforward whiteboard work and using slide presentations, through our online learning platform, tutor and student can work together using any mathematics software, such as spreadsheets and graph plotters.

Comments from students who have previously taken the course (formerly organised through the Further Mathematics Network)

"STEP encouraged me to look at questions differently, keeping a close watch on similarities in question parts and looking for tricks to make the solution nicer instead of churning out endless algebra. I enjoyed exploring problems and their often surprisingly profound implications rather than just finding a number at the end."

"The questions are refreshing and remind you that with intuition and confidence, the skills learnt at A-level are applicable to much more than repetitive exam questions. Practise of questions of this style enable a wide variety of problem solving skills to be developed and enjoyed."

"I really enjoyed the lessons and felt challenged all the time.  I always felt I had achieved something every lesson, and it made me more confident in taking both STEP and AEA."

Comments from students who have been learning through an online learning platform:

"At first I thought it would be difficult to understand work learning it off a screen, but it actually helps to focus your concentration."

"The online system has allowed me to study for a course that I would not otherwise have been able to. The system is great, I have found that it can cope easily with classes of 10 to 15 students, and the microphones, whiteboard and application sharing mean the students can experience classroom style interaction with teachers and students that may be hundreds of miles away."