Support Materials

Extensive online resources are available to help with the teaching and learning of Mathematics. These are held in our Integral virtual learning environment.

You may also find resources from our previous conferences useful. Please follow this link to view these listed by year:

MEI Conference

Please use the links below and left to navigate to pages containing more information about the following:

ASDAN Short Course in Mathematics
Tutors notes and student workbook aimed at young people aged 13-19 who have yet to achieve grade 4 or better in GCSE Mathematics.

GCSE Starters
Lesson starters using mathematical reasoning

GCSE Extension
Materials that start with GCSE ideas and show where these go at A level

AQA L2 Further Mathematics
Resources and books that build on the Key Stage 4 curriculum, providing a firm foundation for AS or A level Mathematics

Additional Mathematics
Resources and books that challenge able GCSE students and provide a firm foundation for A level studies

Extended projects
Advice and suggestions for using mathematics and statistics in this GCE qualification

Bridging Tests
Tests based on the Foundations of Advanced Mathematics (FAM) papers, to support students making the transition from GCSE to AS level Mathematics

Coursework Support
Coursework materials and Student Coursework Guides for the three MEI modules requiring coursework (C3, NM and DE)

Documents containing tests of formulae not given in examinations

Ideas and resources for teaching Statistics

Resources to support teaching and learning of mathematics within engineering courses

MEI Problem Solving Guide
A guide for all teachers of GCSE and A level Mathematics to support them with the problem solving content of these qualifications.

You may also find pages in other areas of our website, the AMSP website and external websites useful:

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Royal Statistical Society (RSS) CensusAtSchool
TES resources
Plus Magazine
National STEM Centre Secondary Mathematics
OCR key documents and FAQs: AS/A Level GCE Mathematics (MEI)
OCR Total Maths newsletter
Curriculum: Frequently Asked Questions
OCR(MEI) AS/A level Specification Curriculum 2005
OCR(MEI) A level Specification Curriculum 2017
Realistic Mathematics Education (RME)
STEM Ambassadors programme
Future Morph: career opportunities from science and maths
Maths in the Navy
Census at school resources
Press release: MEI and RBS support students banking on a future in finance.