AS/A level Mathematics/Further Mathematics Curriculum 2005 (legacy)

The last sitting for new candidates will be in June 2018. The full specification is published by OCR.  It includes competence statements accompanied by associated notes, notation and exclusions. There is also a considerable amount of information about the scheme as a whole and its assessment.

Information about the OCR(MEI) Curriculum 2017 A level Mathematics is available here

Certification of MEI AS/A-Level Further Mathematics with non-MEI AS/A-Level Mathematics

It is valid for a student to take OCR(MEI) AS/A-Level Further Mathematics when their AS/A-Level Mathematics is taken through a different specification and/or Awarding Body. If a candidate has an AS/A level Mathematics with one Awarding Body and is studying Further Mathematics with a different specification or Awarding Body, then the Further Mathematics has to be graded manually. OCR has produced a standard form for this.

As Further Mathematics is not a stand-alone qualification, the following rules apply. (See also the specification for legal combination of units):

  • In order to have a certificated AS Further Mathematics, a candidate must have a certificated AS or A level Mathematics.
  • In order to have a certificated A level Further Mathematics, a candidate must have a certificated A level Mathematics.
  • There can be no overlap of units in Mathematics and Further Mathematics i.e. if a candidate has Mechanics 1 in the A level Mathematics, then they cannot have Mechanics 1 in the Further Mathematics.

Support to teach the MEI AS/A level specification

In addition to the usual support provided by OCR, considerable extra support is provided by MEI. If you have any questions about teaching the specification, you can contact Stella Dudzic  for information and advice. Coursework Support is available from both MEI and OCR. MEI also holds an annual 3-day conference that includes sessions on coursework marking.

We offer extensive Professional Development, with short courses designed to help teachers focus on specific areas of the curriculum, and longer courses such as Teaching A level Mathematics and Teaching Further Mathematics. All courses are delivered by experienced teachers who are actively involved in a wide range of aspects of mathematics education including curriculum development, resource writing and examining.

Free support materials available include Competence Statements to help with your scheme of work, advice on teaching Statistics, the MEI Formula booklet, and Formulae Tests for the formulae which students need to know. English schools and colleges can register free with the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (managed by MEI) to receive a free single-user teacher access to extensive online Further Mathematics resources (including materials for the Applied A Level modules), and invitations to participate in study days, revision days and student enrichment activities. All schools and colleges can also choose to subscribe to extensive online resources, including access for students and teachers to all A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics modules.

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