Work Experience

Strengthening mathematical skills during work experience placements

Many employers offer work experience placements. Work experience can provide young people with a valuable insight to the work of work. It also helps them to develop their employability skills, which include the ability to use maths to solve the everyday problems they encounter in the workplace.

MEI has developed a guide to help employers that offer work experience placements as part of Study Programmes (including Traineeships). The aim of the guide is to support employers in encouraging young people to expand their mathematical skills during these placements. Maths in Work: A guide for employers offering work experience as part of 16 to 19 Study Programmes (including Traineeships) explains what Study Programmes are and outlines the level of maths the young person may be working at. It also offers practical suggestions for ways in which employers can help to strengthen the young person's mathematical skills during their placement.

Although the guide is designed with Study Programmes in mind, the ideas it offers may be helpful for other types of work experience, including apprenticeships. It may also help employers to develop their employees' mathematical skills in the workplace.