Mathematics in Your Workplace

MEI has been supporting schools and colleges for 50 years, helping to make mathematics education more relevant to the way maths is used in the workplace. More recently we have begun to use this expertise to work with employers, Local Enterprise Partnerships and vocational learning providers. We aim to have a positive impact on the development of mathematical skills in the workplace and are actively engaging with employers to develop ways of achieving this.

Why improve your employees' mathematical skills?

Mathematical skills are essential for many jobs and can enhance personal effectiveness. Strengthening them can help you to increase efficiency, reduce reliance on key staff, avoid costly mistakes, and identify new business opportunities. It can also raise individuals' self-esteem and remove barriers to development opportunities. Together these changes can lead to improvements in business performance.

Employers often report difficulties in recruiting new people with the necessary mathematical skills. MEI can help you to develop your existing employees to fill this gap.

How can we help you?

Here are some examples of the kinds of support we can offer:

Initial assessment

We can work with you to explore the level of mathematical skills in your company, to identify what skills you need and what training would be appropriate to develop them. Our diagnostic tool can help with this assessment.

Courses for employees

We can provide a range of courses to develop mathematical skills in the workplace from basic through to advanced levels. We can tailor these courses and design additional content to meet your specific needs. We can also develop new courses from scratch or work with you to create new packages for you to deliver yourself.

Professional development for your trainers

We can provide courses to support work-based trainers, including those who teach the mathematical content of vocational courses. These can be delivered face-to-face or live-online.

Supporting your learning providers

We can work with your learning providers, directly and or in partnership with you, to develop new courses and/or to enhance existing provision, for example supporting apprentices with Functional Skills qualifications.

Teaching and learning resources

We have an extensive bank of innovative teaching and learning resources that can be used to support teaching and independent study, from simple work programmes to highly interactive learning media, using real-world examples that are relevant to learners. We can also design new materials to meet your particular needs.

Why MEI?

We have a passion for mathematics and industry. We will help you to identify your particular needs and provide a high quality and cost-effective solution using our extensive experience of developing and delivering professional development and resources.